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Paolo Gargini: "CNT transistors will crowned as the new long-term switch"

In a March 2017 article "How to Successfully Overcome Inflection Points, or Long Live Moore's Law" Paolo Gargini, who is chairman of IRDS and the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS)...[mehr]


We welcome Markus Hefele

Markus Hefele joined our group in March. He will work towards his PhD thesis on "Sensor Systems" in collaboration with Prof. Wolf. We wish him a fruitful and successful time here!   [mehr]


We welcome Muhammad Mudussir Ayub

Mudussir Ayub joined our group in January. He will work towards his PhD thesis on "Pre-Silicon Power Estimation and Optimization for System Scenarios of Mobile Communication Platforms". We wish him a fruitful and...[mehr]


Max Stelzer to present at IEDM 2016 in San Francisco

The IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) with ~2000 attendees from academia and semiconductor industries is the world’s preeminent forum for reporting technological breakthroughs in the areas of semiconductor and...[mehr]


Congrats to Sebastian Hübner

Sebastian successfully defended his dissertation "Replacing Beryllium: Novel Graphenic Carbon X-ray Transmission Windows" with summa cum laude. Congratulations! Sebastian's thesis can be seen here. [mehr]


Symposium: Emerging Nanomaterials and Devices in Honolulu, Hawaii

Emerging Nanomaterials and Devices Sponsor(s): Electronics and Photonics, Dielectric Science and Technology, Nanocarbons Lead Organizer: Udo Schwalke (Technische Universität...[mehr]


Prof. Kreupl to give plenary speech at MNE 2016

MNE 2016 is the 42nd international conference on micro- and nanofabrication and manufacturing using lithography and related techniques with around 800 participants. The conference brings together engineers and scientists from all...[mehr]


New Book: Carbon Nanotubes for Interconnects: Process, Design and Applications

Prof. Kreupl provided the chapter: "Overview of Carbon Nanotube Processing Methods" Google...[mehr]


We welcome Moritz Jung

Moritz Jung joined our group in June. He will work towards his PhD thesis within the IGSSE-sponsored project CommOnChip. The project is a collaboration between  Dr. Kaniber, Dr. Wurstbauer, Prof. Holleitner from WSI and our...[mehr]


We welcome Matin Mohajerani

Matin Mohajerani joined our group in May as postdoc. She will work on the BMBF-sponsored project WireControl. We wish her a fruitful and successful time here !   [mehr]

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